A Brief Guide to Chemical Contraception

Better safe than sorry

Having a child can be the most wonderful experience of someone’s life. Although unplanned pregnancies can be a welcome surprise, it is generally better to plan your family and have your children at the best time for you. Fortunately, nowadays there is a variety of contraceptive methods available – all of which have pros and cons.

Whatever form of contraception you choose, it is essential to follow the advice on how to use it, so that it is fully effective. Some forms of contraception require that you have regular medical check-ups.

Generally speaking, contraceptive advice and treatment is available for free from the NHS, and the service is confidential. If you do not want to visit your GP or the practice does not provide contraceptive services, then there are a number of clinics you can go to instead. Visit the family planning association at www.fpa.org.uk for more information.

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Sung 21 February, 2011

Can you use emergency contraceptive twice a month

Nora 8 July, 2011

I can use emergency contraceptive if I have no options left.

Joy kamau 20 May, 2012

Any side effects?

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